AppOmni: Two-Thirds of Companies Have Less Time to Secure SaaS Apps

AppOmni: Two-Thirds of Companies Have Less Time to Secure SaaS Apps

According to a survey recently conducted by AppOmni, two-thirds of companies have less time in the day to secure their Software as a Service (SaaS) apps. This information comes from the SaaS Security & Management Studywhich surveyed more than 200 IT professionals on the impact remote work and virtualization has had on their IT operations. The survey found that the majority of companies believed that SaaS applications would cause the greatest disruption to their work.

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Two-thirds of the professionals surveyed noted that work-from-home and COVID-19 have negatively impacted their ability to secure and manage SaaS applications. The company found that 93 percent of IT professionals received additional responsibilities, and around 66 percent have less time in the day to effectively manage and secure SaaS applications.

52 percent of respondents stated that their biggest challenge with existing cloud security solutions is their reactive nature. In addition, 68 percent rely on manual efforts to detect data exposures rather than automated tools and software. Of those 68 percent, the IT professionals instead either relied on regular audits, manual maintenance, or no process at all for data exposure discovery.

In the company’s press release, AppOmni’s CEO Brendan O’Connor stated: “Due to COVID-19, IT teams are struggling to keep up with massive changes to day-to-day operations and the accelerated rate of cloud adoption associated with a remote and virtual workforce. This highlights the need for companies to work to better secure their current SaaS applications given that 90 percent of the respondents we surveyed noted that their usage of SaaS applications has increased in adoption since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Learn more about the SaaS Security & Management Survey here.

Daniel Hein