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AT&T and Google Cloud Expand Collaboration with Edge Solutions

AT&T and Google Cloud Expand Collaboration with Edge Solutions

AT&T and Google Cloud Expand Collaboration with Edge Solutions

AT&T and Google Cloud have announced new solutions for AT&T’s 5G and Google Cloud’s edge computing portfolio, according to a joint press release. The announcement comes nearly a year-and-a-half after the two companies initially announced their collaboration to deliver 5G edge computing solutions. This new pack of solutions provides industry-changing experiences for industries like retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and entertainment.

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In the joint press release, Google Cloud’s Vice President, Global Telecom, Media and Entertainment Solutions George Nazi stated: “By combining the power of AT&T 5G and Google Cloud technologies, we are helping enterprises create new customer experiences and business services that were previously impossible. Together with AT&T, we are committed to enabling our customers to build and deliver next-generation applications, whether on-premise or on AT&T’s leading mobile network.”

Some of the new solutions include video analytics services to assist in theft prevention, crowd control, and queue prediction and management. The companies also plan to evaluate how network APIs could optimize applications. Other solutions include AT&T Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) for building and running applications and AT&T Network Edge (ANE) to deliver faster customer experiences.

AT&T Business’s Chief Product and Platform Officer Rasesh Patel stated: “With premises-based 5G and edge computing, we give our customers even greater control of where their data goes and how they use it – at higher speeds and with lower latency. These capabilities allow businesses to deliver unique experiences to their customers, today and into the future,” said Rasesh Patel, Chief Product and Platform Officer, AT&T Business. “We’re bringing forth a new era where the latest technological advancements, including 5G and edge computing, make it possible to transform, innovate and prepare for whatever the future holds.”

Learn more about the AT&T-Google Cloud collaboration here.

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