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AWS MSP Mission Secures $15 Million in Equity Funding

AWS MSP Mission Secures $15 Million in Additional Equity Funding
AWS MSP Mission Secures $15 Million in Additional Equity Funding

Source: Mission

Today, AWS managed service provider and consultancy service Mission announced that they had secured $15 million in equity funding. The funding, provided by Boston-based private equity firm Great Hill Partners, proceeds a commitment by the firm of up to $75 million to help Mission launch in 2017. Mission plans to use this new funding to help fuel the company’s organic growth through 2020.

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“Mission continues to prove itself as an exceptionally capable provider of managed cloud services,” said Drew Loucks, Principal at Great Hill Partners. “The company has really made its mark in a rapidly growing market, with enterprises across verticals eager to realize the tremendous benefits of migrating to the cloud and harnessing all that AWS has to offer. Mission has also been effective at bringing in the right expertise required to make their customer engagements so successful, and our additional investment will ensure accelerated growth throughout this year and next.”

Mission was formed in 2018 from a merger between Reliam, Stratalux, and G2 Tech Group – all previously AWS managed service providers. In their press release, Mission stated that about $40 million of the capital Great Hill provided to the company has been used towards their AWS managed services and consulting. They have established themselves as a trusted AWS partner in the U.S., with coast-to-coast operations and planned expansions in the territory.

“Mission continues to experience strong momentum through 2018 and into 2019,” said Stewart Armstrong, CFO of Mission. “We remain disruptive in the market as we strive to continue to deliver unique value to our customers. The Great Hill team continues to be a valuable partner for Mission, and I’m excited to put this additional funding to work as we expand and optimize our go-to-market strategies and accelerate the deployment of new, world-class technologies and services to our customers. We remain focused on helping more organizations achieve their cloud goals, no matter how challenging, with our expertly-orchestrated AWS management and optimization.”

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