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Blueprint Software Streamlines Development Process via Visual Communication and Collaboration


Blueprint Software Streamlines Development Process via Visual Communication and Collaboration

Blueprint Software provides software solutions that help large organizations build better business applications. Blueprint announced today, the launch of Storyteller, a robust Agile requirements tool that helps disparate stakeholders auto-generate consistent, high-quality user stories and acceptance criteria, align Business and IT interests, and enhance collaboration across the enterprise. Lately, organizations are embracing the Agile development model, however, user stories can suffer in quality and even be often be overlooked. Blueprint offers statistics that may have IT professional sympathizing, and rejoicing:

“A recent independent study revealed that up to 96 percent of application development professionals blame missed or misunderstood requirements for project delays and costly rework. Storyteller automatically gathers requirements from all stakeholders to generate user stories.

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Storyteller reduces time and effort expended, reduces rework, and resolves communication gaps to accelerate application delivery time.

The new product offers users:

• Faster process: Speeds up delivery by auto-generating a complete set of high-quality, well formatted and consistent user stories, acceptance criteria and tests. Storyteller syncs seamlessly with any Agile task management tool, delivers acceptance criteria in an intuitive “Given-When-Then” format and eliminates the need to train users on how to write good stories.

• Easy sharing and collaboration: Improves collaboration and communication from a broad range of users, of any skill level, across the enterprise. The solution provides a simple, visual way for users to share their stories, while allowing other stakeholders to add their thoughts and comments.

• Built-in alignment: Improves business and IT alignment through visualization and traceability. Storyteller connects stories from the highest-level business processes and requirements through to how individual users interact with the application.

Storyteller key features include:

• Auto-generation of user stories and acceptance criteria

• Detailed traceability and change impact visualization

• Inline artifacts discussions

Dan Shimmerman, Chief Executive Officer of Blueprint Software, said: “Poor-quality user stories are epidemic in enterprise organizations and can lead to missed deadlines, overrun budgets and the delivery of applications that don’t reflect business interests. We created Storyteller to fix these issues. Storyteller provides a visual platform to drive the success of mission-critical IT projects, and we’re excited to be the first to bring this much-needed tool to market.”

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