Bring Legacy Data back in Real-Time with Salesforce Lightning Connect

Salesforce’s latest endeavor, Salesforce1 Lightning Connect, is a data-integration tool that makes it easy to access and connect with data that has been collected and stored in legacy systems.

Salesforce has enterprise clientele in mind and at $4,000 per month these companies can now easily upgrade to new technology without losing data from their old systems.

Because these older legacy systems were still in fine functioning order, some businesses weren’t interested in upgrading to a newer, better system because they would not be able to get their old data into the Salesforce cloud.

With Salesforce Lightning Connect, many integration vendors have built adaptors that will allow you to pull data from any legacy database, on-premise and view it within Salesforce.

Using Lightning Connect is seamless. There is no code which makes it much faster than using a data transfer tool. Data transfer can be done in just a few minutes rather than a few months. This also allows for the data to be streamed and isn’t copied or stored so old data won’t crowd the system.

“Salesforce1 Lightning Connect is the fastest way to integrate any data to Salesforce,” said Mike Rosenbaum, EVP and GM Salesforce1 Platform for Salesforce, in a statement. “Now customers can extend all the benefits of the Salesforce1 Platform to all of their enterprise data — whether it’s stored in Salesforce or another system.”

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