Checkmate: Gartner’s 2016 Cool Vendors Heist the Cloud looks up at the sky and tries to make sense of clouds, you know- that one’s an ice cream and that one’s like Elvis… but FAT Elvis- and so on. Gartner makes sense of cloud computing in a similar way- drawing the lucky five Cool Vendors from a combination of private, public and hybrid cloud models, with features ranging from a-z as a service.

This year’s 2016 Cool Vendors in cloud management were announced last week and are basking in the warmth of hard earned recognition for their unique, and game-changing offerings. Vendors like these are transforming the AIM landscape, giving large IT companies a run for their revenue. This week’s press release from Gartner reported that major companies such as Microsoft, and Tibco, hesitant to join the –as a service offering, are losing revenue as a result, and 2016 cool vendors, Avni, CloudHealth Technologies, Platform9, Cloudnexa, and Embotics are pulling the cloud right out from beneath them.

What does it take to make Cool Vendor status? Gartner’s analysis of the cloud market realizes the importance of harnessing the capabilities of both public and private cloud services to integrate their policies and processes, in an attempt to offer more proactive cloud service brokering. Infrastructure and operations leaders in charge of  application development and IT finance need cloud management tools in one manageable suite- something cloud vendors are typically struggling to harness.

“The Cool Vendors that have been selected for 2016 in cloud management focus on ease of use and faster time to value. This should help I&O leaders, as well as others involved in management and governance (such as cloud service brokers and IT finance staff), enforce policies and standards over decentralized acquisitions of cloud services, and optimize the cost/value equation.”

As cloud computing changes to meet the needs of businesses large and small, vendors are struggling to strike a balance between offering operational management, and policy enforcement needs in a cloud service, while offering the dynamic selection of tools and services that consumers seek in a cloud solution. This years cool vendors set the standard for addressing multiple markets.