Cloud Migration Drives Data Modernization for Half of Businesses

SingleStore: Cloud Migration Drives Data Modernization for Half of Businesses

According to a new report, cloud migration is driving modernization for about 50 percent of businesses. This information comes from a survey conducted by SingleStore which talked to 500 IT professionals on cloud and database management. The report concluded that the pandemic has created simplification and modernization efforts at enterprises around the world.

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SingleStore found that 52 percent of IT professionals consider cloud migration is driving them to consider modernization strategies. More than a fifth of companies stated that they have faced six to seven bottlenecks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase in bottlenecks and higher focus on modernization through cloud migration pushed 72 percent of IT professionals to consider changing their database services in the past year.

Nearly 47 percent of IT workers stated that they want to adopt a new database because their current solution is too expensive. 41 percent answered that their current solution doesn’t meet new workload demands. 37 percent plan to replace their current data solutions in the next three to six months and a further 37 percent will implement a modern data platform in the next six months to a year.

In the company’s press release, SingleStore CEO Raj Verma stated: “The conventional wisdom in recent years has been to use a specialized datastore per workload. This is a relic of the previous era of cloud data management. It isn’t effective for achieving the real-time analytics experience that is essential in modern applications and winning SaaS products. Analytics provide a clear direction on the steps that organizations can take to keep customers and employees happy, and even save lives. Yet many organizations forego analytics in exchange for better database performance.”

Learn more about SingleStore’s research here.

Daniel Hein