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Cloud Platform Security Predictions for 2015

Cloud Platform Security Predictions for 2015

Cloud Platform Security Predictions for 2015With 2014 coming to a close, technology experts have been looking to the future. According to an article written by Sue Marquette Poremba for, a recent IBM study found that 75 percent of security decision-makers expect their cloud security budgets to increase in the next 5 years.

On top of the increased budget on cloud security, most CISOs of companies who have yet to venture into cloud will be adopting cloud computing in 2015.

Cloud security will be particularly important in 2015 because of the sheer amount of businesses and information using it. Cloud will literally change the way we think about security concerns and  the entire business computing structure.

Paul Lipman, CEO of iSheriff, made five predictions for the future of could security:

  • The Internet will essentially become the corporate network perimeter.
  • Enterprises will favor integrated cloud services vs. on-premise point products.
  • Endpoint and network security technologies will become inextricably intertwined.
  • We will move from a world of alert-driven security to intelligence-driven security.
  • Cloud security will enable a secure foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Along with the cloud, the popularity of BYOD will also grow in 2015. With employees accessing corporate data from all manner of devices from anywhere in the world, corporations are at much higher risk for an attack.

Lipman also mentioned that the network perimeter is no longer a bound environment. The entire internet is basically the network perimeter. Any network security that was there previous to the adaptation of cloud is no longer of any use.

It will be more important than ever for devices to be protected through the cloud so that employees will know that their device is protected no matter where they access the information from.

Lipman also predicts that the best security systems will involve solutions that will be able to monitor across endpoint and network systems.

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