Cloud Predictions from Around the Net with SingleHop

2015 is expected to be the biggest year for cloud computing yet. Back in December, private cloud solution SingleHop asked nearly 200 bloggers and experts in cloud technology what to expect for the coming year in cloud platforms.

This cloud predictions infographic made by SingleHop, highlights what some of the experts are saying lies ahead for cloud platforms.

Cloud Computing Predictions from Around the Net

Overall, the experts predict the inevitable growth of cloud platforms, especially with small to medium-sized businesses that have yet to embrace cloud like a lot of the larger businesses have already done.

We agree with Gabriel Lowy of Tech-Tonics; 2015 will be the year if the hybrid cloud platform.

Cloud computing is already the most cost effective and convenient way to store information, especially if you have employees that are telecommuting or have various locations that share the same data and the same server.

Hybrid cloud solution allow you to have the benefits and upped security of a private cloud platform while giving less sensitive data the flexibility of a public cloud. The scalability makes the cloud easy to use as your company grows.

With cloud computing, there is always the question of security. Having any data on a cloud automatically makes it a little less secure since it can be accessed from almost anywhere. This is the biggest issue with cloud platform integration.

2015 will bring big improvements to cloud security along with the improvements that have already been made. As 2015 progresses, we will see enterprises become less afraid of compromising their data on the cloud.

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