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Cloud Provider Wasabi Claims to be Faster, Cheaper Than Amazon’s S3

Are you looking for a cloud provider or are you currently in contract with a vendor and want to make a change? If you’re looking to save money, Wasabi Technologies could be the choice for you.

The object storage startup claims to provide six times the performance of Amazon’s S3, and at one-fifth of the cost. The new service became available during the first week of May.

Co-founders of the online backup vendor Carbonite started Wasabi and say its “single pool of capacity can deliver primary, secondary or archive data at a sustained-read speed of 1.3GB per second, versus 191MB per second at Amazon,” according to

Wasabi provides services for US$0.0039 per gigabyte, per month. Amason’s S3, according to Wasabi, costs between $0.21 and $0.23 for similar services.

Because this service from Wasabi is new, organizations may be hesitant to implement the tool.

“I can see companies with huge data sets that have at least two copies in the cloud moving the secondary to a much cheaper alternative like Wasabi,” Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Steve Duplessie told

The vendor is aware that it will need to gain trust in the enterprise and that businesses may first use it for second copies of data.

“Over time, people will grow to trust us,” CEO David Friend told

The cost of a service is one of the most important factors in choosing the best fit for your business. It has to remain within your budget. And don’t forget about charges you may incur for uploading along with using and removing data.

Organizations should think about information security and encryption of data in, or on its way to, the cloud. According to Wasabi, the platform does both.

“Users have a few options for encrypting data en route to Wasabi, but the company does not give customers access to its encryption keys,” reported.

The company didn’t disclose the details on what makes it so fast or what allows them to deliver the platform at such a low price.

“Part of it involves the way its software breaks up data and reads it off multiple hard drives in parallel. There is some flash in the architecture, too,” reported.

Wasabi has one data center in Northern Virginia but reportedly has plans to build another one in the states and perhaps another overseas. It’s connected to AWS over Amazon’s Direct Connect system. Clients can add data to Amazon’s EC2 compute cloud faster from Wasabi than S3, Friend reported.

Wasabi boasts most of the same features as S3, except for “immutable buckets.” The company says they will be a “boon to data integrity,” reported. They are data sets that can’t be manipulated for a certain amount of time, chosen by the customer.

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