Cloud Skill Shortages Continue to Be a Top Obstacle for Enterprises

Cloud Skill Shortages Continue to Be a Top Obstacle for Enterprises

According to a survey recently conducted by HashiCorp, cloud skill shortages continue to be a top obstacle for enterprises. This information comes from the 2021 HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy Survey report based on a survey of 3,200 IT professionals on cloud strategy. The report revealed that while multi-cloud deployments become the norm for companies, cloud skill gaps continue to plague businesses.

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The report showed that multi-cloud has become the standard model for companies adopting cloud solutions. Of the 3,200 survey respondents, 76 percent answered that their company has already adopted a multi-cloud environment while only 24 percent have remained with a single cloud provider. 86 percent say that they will stay at or transition to a multi-cloud environment within two years.

However, a number of problems have stopped businesses from achieving full success with their multi-cloud adoption. 57 percent of respondents cite a skills shortage as a top cloud challenge while 47 percent cite security as a major hurdle. These issues indicate that while multi-cloud deployments ramp up in popularity, companies are not properly prepared to handle them.

In the company’s press release on the report, HashiCorp’s CTO and co-founder Armon Dadgar stated: “The era of multi-cloud is here, driven by digital transformation, cost concerns and organizations wanting to avoid vendor lock-in. Incredibly, more than half of the respondents of our survey have already experienced business value from a multi-cloud strategy. However, not all organizations have been able to operationalize multi-cloud, as a result of skills shortages, inconsistent workflows across cloud environments, and teams working in silos.”

Download your copy of the 2021 HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy Survey report here.

Daniel Hein