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CloudCheckr: 64 Percent Will Be Fully in the Cloud in Five Years

CloudCheckr: 64 Percent Will Be Fully in the Cloud in Five Years

CloudCheckr: 64 Percent Will Be Fully in the Cloud in Five Years

According to a report recently released by CloudCheckr, 64 percent of companies will be fully in the cloud within five years. This information comes from the 2021 Cloud Infrastructure Report, based on a survey of 300 IT professionals and decision-makers on the state of cloud deployment and management. The report revealed that cloud computing adoption is expanding as more organizations look towards developing a cloud transformation strategy.

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CloudCheckr showed how cloud adoption has ramped up as companies embrace the cloud for their data and solutions. 57 percent of survey respondents state that more than half of their infrastructure is in the cloud. Most notably, 64 percent state that they expect their company to be fully located in the cloud within five years.

Despite the optimism surrounding cloud adoption, there are still a number of significant hurdles to moving infrastructure into the cloud. Top barriers for rapid cloud migration include security concerns (44 percent), compliance and regulations (42 percent), and lack of application support (41 percent). Managing cloud costs is also a major problem since 93 percent of respondents say they face challenges with budgeting infrastructure cloud costs for 2021.

In the company’s press release on the survey, CloudCheckr’s CEO Tim McKinnon stated: “While it’s no surprise to anyone how strong cloud adoption is today, this report shows the tremendous growth ahead and how quickly it will happen over the next half-decade. Now is the time for IT organizations to define the right strategies to utilize the full potential of the cloud and for cloud service providers to enhance their capabilities to lead their customers through cloud transformations.”

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