Cloudify Releases New Version of Open Source Multi-Cloud Orchestration Software

Cloudify Releases New Version of Open Source Multi-Cloud Orchestration Software
Today, Gigaspaces Technologies announced the release of its newest version of the cloud orchestration platform, Cloudify 3.4, a product that provides an easy-to-use, open source tool for management and orchestration of multiple clouds, data centers and availability zones.
Cloudify 3.4 brings cloud orchestration to the top  public and private cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Compute Platform, OpenStack and VMware and cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. The open source orchestration platform now the only to offer support for hybrid stacks, orchestrating containers and non-containerized stacks through new Kubernetes support.
Key Feature Summary
  • Support for Entire VMware Stack – The open source orchestration platform supports the entire VMware stack, all VMware plugins are open source and available in the Cloudify Community edition
  • Public Shared Images for both AWS and OpenStack –  Cloudify Manager environments now available for AWS through a shared AMI, and OpenStack through a QCOW image; enables simple bootstrapping of a full-fledged Cloudify environment in minutes
  • Deployment Update – Allows updating of application deployments, enabling application operations engineers and developers to introduce topology changes and include new resources to run TOSCA deployments.
  • In-Place Manager Upgrade – The new Cloudify Manager upgrade process provides fully automated in-place upgrades for all manager infrastructure without any downtime to the managed services; in-place upgrade will allow easy migration between Cloudify versions and application of patched versions
 Enterprises looking for hybrid cloud orchestration will benefit from 3.4’s greater support of IaaS, enhanced usability, quicker installation and improved maintenance processes. The new version also offers plugins for Microsoft Azure, and Google compute platform, and offers new additions to the existing portfolio of plugins for OpenStack, AWS and VMware vSphere and vCloud. The new release also provides enhanced support for container orchestration and container lifecycle management.
GigaSpaces Technologies was founded in 2000, and is known for it’s development of software middleware for the deployment, management and scaling of applications on cloud environments through two product lines: XAP In-Memory Computing and Cloudify.
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