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Cloudreach Launches DevOps as a Service for Cloud Acceleration

Cloudreach Launches DevOps as a Service for Cloud Acceleration

Cloudreach Launches DevOps as a Service for Cloud Acceleration

Cloudreach is launching DevOps as a Service as a new offering for clients to accelerate the successful adoption of cloud solutions. The service offers Cloudreach’s development and operations expertise to customers via a simple and flexible subscription model. Through DevOps as a Service, Cloudreach makes it easier for enterprises to adopt cloud-native technologies and practices.

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Cloudreach is a managed service provider for AWS and Azure, and Google Cloud. The vendor offers two different types of managed cloud services: services that prepare a client’s systems, processes, and culture for the cloud, and services that help clients optimize their returns and open them up to new opportunities. Cloudreach also teaches clients how to operate and optimize their cloud deployment and offers reliability services that provide continuous improvements to critical business operations running in the cloud.

With DevOps as a Service, Cloudreach provides flexible engineering squads as a monthly subscription service to help technology leaders accelerate cloud initiatives. DevOps as a Service delivers a core DevOps team that can perform architecture, platform development, data engineering, and product management roles through a unified service. The minimum size of a designated team is two resources and 80 hours per month, with a minimum contract commitment of three months.

In the company’s press release, Cloudreach’s Head of Strategy and Professional Services Dave Chapman stated: “Cloudreach DevOps as a Service brings a DevOps and cloud engineering skillset to any enterprise, whether they are new to the cloud or far along their modernization journey. Companies that undergo cloud transformation are better able to adapt to disruption, explore and innovate faster. This service helps technology leaders get the right skills in place, at the right time, and scale up and down to suit their changing requirements.”

Learn more about Cloudreach DevOps as a Service here.

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