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Cloudreach Launches Smart Migration for Automated Cloud Migration

Cloudreach Launches Smart Migration for Automated Cloud Migration
Cloudreach Launches Smart Migration for Automated Cloud Migration

Source: Cloudreach

Cloudreach is launching Smart Migration, a new service that provides simple automated cloud migration to its customers and clients. The service provides enterprise cloud transformation through data-driven automation to make migration easier and more cost-efficient. This helps create confidence in the migration process for enterprises to accelerate the modernization journey.

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Cloudreach is a hyper-scale managed service provider for AWS and Azure, and Google Cloud. The vendor offers two different types of managed cloud services: services that prepare a client’s systems, processes, and culture for the cloud, and services that help clients optimize their returns and open them up to new opportunities. Cloudreach also teaches clients how to operate and optimize their cloud deployment and offers reliability services that provide continuous improvements to critical business operations running in the cloud.

The service includes an accelerated migration program with proven templates and automated processes that make migrations more efficient. It delivers a solid cloud foundation and repeatable outcomes with knowledge, maturity, and experience. Cloudreach offers a tightly coupled and highly orchestrated set of migration tools to make the end-to-end process of migration easier.

In the company’s press release, Cloudreach’s Head of Cloud Migration Rob Duffy stated: “We’re really excited to launch Smart Migration and make the cloud migration process easier, quicker, and cost-efficient for companies. We’ve drawn on a decade of expertise to bring this service to life-giving organizations the benefits of an accelerated migration program, repeatable outcomes, and ongoing optimization. Smart Migration will rapidly deliver high-quality outcomes.”

Learn more about Cloudreach Smart Migration here.

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