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Cockroach Labs: Google Cloud Outperforms AWS and Azure

Cockroach Labs: Google Cloud Outperforms AWS and Azure

Cockroach Labs: Google Cloud Outperforms AWS and Azure

According to a report recently released by Cockroach Labs, Google Cloud currently outpaces Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in performance. This information comes from the 2021 Cloud Report, which analyzed each of the three major cloud providers via benchmarking tests. The report, now in its third year, found that Google Cloud outperformed AWS and Azure in regards to throughput, boosting their position from 2020.

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Regarding CoreMark performance on a Single-Core, Google Cloud outperformed Azure and AWS by about 10 percent. CPU performance on one core topped out at around 25,500 iterations a second for both Azure and AWS (with Azure slightly edging out over AWS), but Google Cloud ultimately won the battle with around 28,000 iterations a second. This is a major victory for Google Cloud, as its performance was behind AWS and Azure in 2020.

Google Cloud also delivered nearly three times the throughput of AWS and Azure. However, when scaling to multiple cores, AWS came out on top over Google Cloud and Azure thanks to its Graviton2 Processor, and AWS still leads the pack in network latency. Finally, Azure featured the lowest storage I/O writing latency of the three cloud providers.

In the company’s blog post on the report, Cockroach Labs stated: “GCP delivered the most throughput (i.e. the fastest processing rates) on 4/4 of the Cloud Report’s throughput benchmarks: network throughput, storage I/O read throughput, storage I/O write throughput, and maximum tpm throughput – a measure of throughput-per-minute (tpm) as defined by the Cockroach Labs Derivative of TPC-C. For the first time in our three years of benchmarking the clouds, GCP delivered the highest amount of raw throughput (tpm) on the derivative TPC-C Benchmark, a simulated measure of the transactional throughput of a retail or e-commerce company. This win is made all the more exciting after GCP’s third-place finish in 2020.”

Download your copy of the 2021 Cloud Report here.

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