Dell Expands into Cloud Software with Dell Cloud Marketplace

Dell Expands into Cloud Software with Dell Cloud MarketplaceAlthough they are known mostly for their hardware, Dell has moved forward with their software by pushing their cloud services portfolio.

At Dell World 2014, Dell announced the launch of Dell Cloud Marketplace public beta program.  It will be an online service and platform that will allow customers to access, purchase, procure, and bill cloud services from a single point.

The idea behind the cloud marketplace is to address frustrations that IT is facing when trying to implement and manage the cloud within a business.

“We think today, over 90 percent of cloud services that are in use are not officially sanctioned by IT, and IT has no visibility into them,” said James Thomason, Dell Cloud Marketplace CTO. “They’re unable to forecast their budget, they spend a lot of their time charging back random people’s credit card to IT budgets, and they don’t have governance, so they can’t guarantee all employee access to company systems and information.”

Dell has partnered with Amazon, Google, Joyent, Docker, Delphix, and Pertino to create the multi-cloud ecosystem with more partners to be announced in the near future.

“While we may talk about the cloud as a single entity, for most customers the cloud is actually an aggregation of multiple cloud services. Moving enterprise data and applications out of the data center and into or across these cloud providers is a challenge,” said Thomason.

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