Deloitte Boosts Cloud Engineering by Acquiring HashedIn Technologies

Deloitte Boosts Cloud Engineering By Acquiring HashedIn Technologies

Deloitte Consulting has announced its intention to acquire product development and software engineering firm HashedIn Technologies. This acquisition will add HashedIn’s knowledge in scaling core engineering to Deloitte’s cloud and edge capabilities. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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In a press release on Deloitte’s website, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Cloud Leader Ranjit Bawa stated: “Cloud, one of the most significant technology shifts of our generation and a catalyst for massive disruption, is challenging the fundamentals of most businesses and shaping them for the next decade. Deloitte and HashedIn share a common goal of delivering value to our clients through disruption and innovation.  Our clients are at an inflection point — no domain is sacrosanct — as they embrace the cloud, AI, and agile pod-based delivery principles.”

Deloitte is a professional services company and managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The company helps clients that need full support designing, building, and running their cloud environments. Deloitte also offers hands-on support and assists customers in re-engineering existing IT processes to add automation of traditional managed services. The vendor also offers SaaS products that emphasize their core expertise, such as payroll management, global tax services, financial advisory, and supply chain planning.

HashedIn’s CEO and co-founder Himanshu Varshney added: “Joining Deloitte provides our business with an opportunity for exponential growth and to develop leading-edge platforms and solutions. Our culture of attracting and developing talent skilled in the latest technologies, combined with Deloitte’s depth of industry and global reach, makes us well-positioned to help clients transform their organizations and continue on a strong growth trajectory.”

Learn more about the Deloitte-HashedIn acquisition here.

Daniel Hein