Firemon: Enterprises Fear Misconfigurations in Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Firemon: Enterprises Fear Misconfigurations in Hybrid Cloud Deployments

According to a report recently released by firewall management vendor Firemon, nearly one-third of enterprises are concerned about misconfigurations and wrong set-ups when operating hybrid cloud environments. This information comes from a survey conducted by Firemon, who interviewed 522 IT and security professionals on hybrid cloud security. The report found that hybrid cloud security isn’t improving among enterprises, even as hybrid cloud deployments become more common.

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Firemon’s report revealed that misconfigurations were the primary hybrid cloud security concern, as roughly 33 percent of respondents believe that misconfigurations are the largest threat to their company’s hybrid cloud deployment. This topped out other major hybrid cloud security concerns like unauthorized access (20 percent), ransomware and malware (13 percent), and hijacking (10 percent).

Part of the reason why hybrid cloud security isn’t improving is a lack of automation and integration of third-party tools. Firemon discovered that at least 65 percent of enterprises use manual processes for cloud security; 35 percent responded that they have no automated security processes. Firemon also noted that enterprises have a problem managing security tools — nearly one-fourth of IT professionals reported that they have no centralized view of information from their security solutions.

In the company’s official press release, Firemon’s VP of Technology Alliances Tim Woods said: “As companies around the world undergo digital transformations and migrate to the cloud, they need better visibility to reduce network complexity and strengthen security postures. It is shocking to see the lack of automation being used across the cloud security landscape, especially in light of the escalating risk around misconfigurations as enterprises cut security resources. The new State of Hybrid Cloud Security Report shows that enterprises are most concerned about these challenges, and we know that adaptive and automated security tools would be a welcomed solution for their needs.”

Download your copy of the report here.

Daniel Hein