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Fugue: 84 Percent of Companies Worry About Cloud Security During COVID-19

Fugue: 84 Percent of Companies Worry About Cloud Security During COVID-19

Fugue: 84 Percent of Companies Worry About Cloud Security During COVID-19

According to a survey conducted by cloud security company Fugue, 84 percent of companies are worried about cloud security during the COVID-19 crisis. This statistic comes from the State of Cloud Security report recently released by the company, which surveyed IT professionals on their cloud security concerns during the coronavirus outbreak. The results of the survey reveal that as companies transition towards completely distributed teams, cloud engineers are frightened of keeping their enterprise’s cloud solutions secured.

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Fugue found that 96 percent of cloud engineering teams are 100 percent distributed and working from home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with 83 percent noting that the transition has been completed. Because of this shift, cloud security professionals are anxious about securing their cloud environments during the transition. According to Fugue, 84 percent of cloud engineers shifting to work from home programs are worried about “new security vulnerabilities created during the swift adoption of new access policies, networks, and devices used for managing cloud infrastructure remotely.”

In addition, 84 percent of IT professionals are worried that their company has already suffered a major cloud breach that they’re currently unaware of. Just under 40 percent responded that they were highly concerned about this matter. Respondents also revealed their concerns regarding cloud misconfigurations and data breaches. One-third of all respondents believe that cloud misconfigurations to increase over the next year, while 43 percent predict that it will stay at around the same rate.

In the company’s official press release, Fugue’s CEO Phillip Merrick stated: “What our survey reveals is that cloud misconfiguration not only remains the number one cause of data breaches in the cloud, the rapid global shift to 100% distributed teams is creating new risks for organizations and opportunities for malicious actors. Knowing your cloud infrastructure is secure at all times is already a major challenge for even the most sophisticated cloud customers, and the current crisis is compounding the problem.”

Learn more about Fugue’s cloud security report here.

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