IBM Bolsters Threat Management with Cloud Pak for Security

IBM Bolsters Threat Management with Cloud Pak for Security

IBM is upgrading Cloud Pak for Security with new threat management capabilities, according to a press release on the company’s website. The vendor is offering a data security solution that allows companies to detect, respond to, and protect against threats to their most sensitive data across hybrid cloud environments. The updates to Cloud Pak for Security include new data sources, integrations, and services that allow security operations teams to manage the full threat lifecycle from a single console.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Security lets users integrate security tools to gain insights into threats and risks across hybrid, multi-cloud environments. The open security platform connects to your existing data sources and helps you to find and respond to threats. With Cloud Pak for Security, IT teams can eliminate data migration during security checks, reduce vendor lock-in, increase visibility, and enable flexible security growth.

The company has developed a new approach to provide security teams with visibility into data activity, compliance, and risk, without needing to leave their primary response platform. IBM is also expanding its collection of threat intelligence for Cloud Pak for Security, helping clients detect signs of active threat campaigns impacting global companies. Finally, new dedicated security services will help organizations modernize their security operations with Cloud Pak for Security.

In the company’s press release, IBM Security’s Vice President Justin Youngblood stated: “Cloud Pak for Security is built on open, cloud-native technologies from the ground up to connect any tool within the security ecosystem. With these updates, we will be the first in the industry to bring together external threat intelligence and threat management alongside data security and identity, helping organizations to modernize their security operations and create the foundation for a zero-trust security strategy.”

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Daniel Hein