IBM cloudMatrix Now Available, Allows Enterprises to Adopt New Operating Model


Yesterday, IBM made available its newest cloudMatrix product, a software as a service (SaaS) model that according to IBM, it will help enterprises maximize the value of the cloud and provides a path to become an IT as a service provider supporting the complete IT value chain. IBM explained the new cloud matrix as, “Taking a new approach to IT by treating it as a supply chain”. The matrix will tie planning, consumption, delivery, and management seamlessly across public, private, virtual, hosted, and on-premises and off-premises solutions, and offer delivery in a multi-sourced hybrid environment.

“cloudMatrix self-service store presents all technology resources in a software as a service model. Users have a single place to go to evaluate their options. IT can aid in the selection of the right offering by giving users access to cloudMatrix’s decision analytics tools. These tools highlight the capability and price differences between providers, helping users to make informed choices.” -IBM

Product capabilities include: Access through a single point-of-entry, to help enable businesses optimize cloud consumption across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Offers three solutions available for purchase:

IBM cloudMatrix Planning-provides application screener and cloud compare capabilities

IBM cloudMatrix Broker- shared or dedicated delivery includes cloudMatrix planning capabilities

Buy and Manage Capabilities: Service store, custom solution designer, order approval workflow. Manage users and roles, access dashboards, access bill charges, access and change provisioned services, budgets, configure policies

Gravitant, the makers of the cloudMatrix, acquired by IBM in 2015, describes the product:

“loud brokerage software enables enterprises to adopt a new Hybrid IT and multi-sourced operating model. Enterprises can personalize IT service consumption and unify delivery through self-service store, dynamic marketplace, and continuous delivery engine. Gravitant’s, centralized, supply chain approach unifies the order, execution, and management of multi-sourced solutions across legacy and cloud resources, by delegating and tracking execution, centrally.”