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IBM Launches IBM Cloud Satellite for Wider Hybrid Cloud Deployment

IBM Launches IBM Cloud Satellite for Wider Hybrid Cloud Deployment

IBM Launches IBM Cloud Satellite for Wider Hybrid Cloud Deployment

IBM is launching IBM Cloud Satellite for widespread hybrid cloud deployment, according to a press release on the company’s website. The vendor’s new solution brings a secured, unifying layer of cloud services for clients across all environments, regardless of where data resides. The integration with the Lumen edge platform enables clients to harness hybrid cloud services in near real-time.

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IBM offers an open and secure public cloud for businesses that leverages open-source technologies to help users drive innovation, trust, and value. The vendor supports over 1,000 enterprise clients and over 16,000 production clusters using Kubernetes, managing cloud-native resources at an unparalleled scale. IBM’s recent acquisition of Red Hat allows them to take advantage of Red Hat Open Sight, making it easier for users to connect and migrate Red Hat OpenShift workloads to the public cloud.

Enterprise technology company Lumen is using its global Edge Compute platform to deliver IBM Cloud Satellite to customers. Customers using the Lumen platform and IBM Cloud Satellite can deploy data-intensive applications across distributed environments.

In the company’s press release, IBM’s Head of IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform Howard Boville stated: “IBM is working with clients to leverage advanced technologies like edge computing and AI, enabling them to digitally transform with hybrid cloud while keeping data security at the forefront. With IBM Cloud Satellite, clients can securely gain the benefits of cloud services anywhere, from the core of the data center to the farthest reaches of the network.”

Learn more about IBM Cloud Satellite here.

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