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IBM: Over 95 Percent of IT Leaders Want To Move to the Cloud

IBM: Over 95 Percent of IT Leaders Want To Move to the Cloud

IBM: Over 95 Percent of IT Leaders Want To Move to the Cloud

According to research recently conducted by IBM, the overwhelming majority of IT leaders are planning to make the move towards the cloud. This information comes from the State of IT Transformation Study, which interviewed 380 CIOs and CTOs on their IT modernization strategies. The survey found that as most companies reevaluate their IT modernization strategy, they are increasingly looking to the cloud to help them accommodate for the future.

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IBM’s goal in conducting the survey was to determine how prepared IT teams are for the future IT needs of their business. As it turns out, 60 percent of respondents claimed that their IT modernization program was inadequately prepared for the future. Almost a quarter of CIOs and CTOs said that their company is either just starting its IT transformation journey, or had not started it at all; about a third stated that they are still in the middle of their transformation.

In order to help fight against this curve, IT leaders are increasingly looking towards the cloud to help modernize their IT strategy. 95 percent of IT leaders surveyed answered that they are looking to adopt public, hybrid or private cloud into their IT toolset. In addition, 53 percent of respondents are aggressively pursuing a public cloud strategy; 48 percent said the same for a hybrid cloud strategy and 45 percent echoed that with a private cloud strategy.

In the official press release, IBM Infrastructure Services – Offerings and CTO’s General Manager Archana Vemulapalli stated: “Our clients are looking to accelerate IT modernization by leveraging cloud models – both public and hybrid, data, AI, automation and other key technologies to help shape, scale and manage more effectively massive, complex, global architectures. In this rapidly changing digital business environment, organizations can bring in the right technology and the right partners to help aggregate, integrate, build and maintain a scalable digital business, while also enforcing effective governance.”

Learn more about the State of IT Transformation Study here.

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