MariaDB: Cloud Adoption Is Both Growing and Slowing Due to COVID-19

MariaDB: Cloud Adoption Is Both Growing and Slowing Due to COVID-19

According to research released today by MariaDB Corporation, cloud adoption rates are growing for some enterprises and slowing for others due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The results come from the How COVID-19 Impacts Cloud Adoption survey where MariaDB surveyed 559 global enterprise engineering and IT professionals at the manager level and higher. The survey revealed that while COVID-19 is leading to accelerated cloud adoption for some businesses, other companies have slowed down their cloud efforts.

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The survey revealed that regarding the cloud, the majority of companies are already on the cloud but are looking to add more cloud resources to its business. 51 percent of respondents stated that they were looking to move more applications to the cloud. Around 32 percent are looking to start their move to the cloud, while about 39 percent are aiming to be completely on the cloud.

MariaDB’s research discovered that about 40 percent of respondents state that COVID-19 has caused their businesses to ramp up the move to the cloud. By contrast, 35 percent stated that the pandemic has not influenced any kind of change, and 24 percent are putting the brakes on cloud adoption. These results indicate how the business effects of COVID-19 can vary on a wide number of factors. It could depend on how far along a company is in its cloud adoption or how much it relies on the cloud for essential tasks.

In the company’s official press release on the survey, MariaDB’s CMO Franz Aman stated: “By default, cloud infrastructure is designed and secured for access from anywhere, no need to enable or figure out remote working, that is the native lifestyle. Companies realize that many structural changes are here to stay and future disruptions – be it another pandemic or an entirely different disaster – need to be anticipated and planned for. The outcome is an acceleration to the cloud for mission-critical applications, and the cloud databases and analytics they rely on. An enterprise-grade DBaaS becomes the foundation for any crisis-resistant, essential enterprise application.”

Learn more about MariaDB’s survey results here.

Daniel Hein