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Mission Launches Cloud Foundation for AWS Cost Management and Governance

Mission Launches Cloud Foundation for AWS Cost Management and Governance

Mission Launches Cloud Foundation for AWS Cost Management and Governance

Mission is launching the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cost optimization and governance service Cloud Foundation, according to a press release on the company’s website. The service combines insights from Mission’s AWS experts, cloud optimization tools, and cloud methodologies to deliver simplified AWS cost management. This allows AWS users to streamline and optimize their cloud deployment through expert insights and solutions.

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Mission is an AWS managed service provider formed in 2018 when IT solutions and consultancy providers Reliam, Stratalux, and G2 Tech Group merged together. The vendor provides managed services for AWS deployments, AWS migration planning and implementation, AWS disaster recovery, and AWS consultancy services. Mission also offers cloud spend and performance optimization strategy planning.

Users of Mission’s Cloud Foundation are designated a Mission Cloud Analyst; the analyst delivers regular account reviews, advice on key cloud decisions, and guidance on best practices. Cloud Foundation also grants access to cloud management platform CloudHealth, which helps users gain visibility into AWS usage and spend. In addition, the service provides cost optimization support, best practice monitoring, proactive cloud governance, and cloud billing and reporting.

In the company’s official press release, Mission’s Director of Product Alex Beal said: “In consulting with AWS customers, many of them express the need to get a handle on cloud sprawl and runaway costs but don’t have the visibility or resources they need to bring their environment under control. As a result, customers are often forced into the mode of putting out fires or not solving the problem at all. We’re proud to introduce this new service today, and to make it a no-cost, value-added offering that’s part of our standard AWS resale program. Mission is ready to assist businesses across industries in improving cost management, achieving both quick optimization wins and long-term governance, and empowering confidence as businesses scale their AWS environments.”

Learn more about Mission here.

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