Nearly 50% of All PaaS Offerings Are Cloud-Exclusive

Gartner: Nearly 50% of All PaaS Offerings Are Cloud-Only

Analyst house Gartner, Inc. sent out a press release earlier today on platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings. They analyzed over 550 different PaaS offerings by over 360 vendors. Of those offerings, 48% of them are exclusively on the cloud. This statistic indicates a major strategic and financial shift from traditional on-premises deployments to a cloud computing-based infrastructure.

Gartner commented on the cloud’s disruptive nature in IT markets that has paved the way for companies to take the leap to the cloud. “Business and technology leaders are shifting to strategic investment in cloud computing,” said Gartner Research VP Yefim Natis. “Cloud computing is one of the key disruptive forces in IT markets that is gaining mainstream trust […] although many organizations anticipate a long-term retention of on-premises computing, the vendors of nearly half of the cloud platform offerings bet on the prevailing growth of cloud deployments and chose the more modern and more efficient cloud-only delivery of their capabilities.”

This shift to cloud computing is not a new development; Gartner has observed the trend of companies to invest in cloud-exclusive offerings in the past. “When organizations are faced with IT spending decisions, the consideration of using cloud services for new initiatives or replacing existing systems causes a shift in spending from traditional IT solutions to cloud,” Gartner analyst Christy Pettey said in a report on the switch to cloud services. “This results in an effect we call cloud shift, and it is happening more often due to a “cloud-first” preference most organizations take when making IT spending decisions.”

Gartner separates the PaaS market into 21 distinct segments. They stated that no vendors have offerings in all of the market segments, and over 90% only offer services in one segment. Gartner predicts that the market for PaaS will reach $20 billion in revenue by the end of the year and will exceed $34 billion in 2022. Analysts from Gartner will present more information on cloud computing services at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Summit 2019 later this year. The event will take place from May 14th – 15th in Orlando, Florida and from June 3rd – 4th in London.

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Daniel Hein