Nutanix: Companies Are Increasing Their Hybrid Cloud Investments

Nutanix: Companies Are Increasing Their Hybrid Cloud Investments

According to research recently released by Nutanix, companies have increased their hybrid cloud investments following the COVID-19 pandemic. This information comes from the Third Annual Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index report, which surveyed 3,400 IT decision-makers around the world about hybrid cloud adoption. The study found that businesses are increasingly relying on hybrid cloud to deliver positive business outcomes.

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Nutanix found that 86 percent of global IT professionals consider a hybrid cloud environment their ideal operating model. The most common model (which 26 percent of respondents are running) is a mix of private cloud, public cloud, and traditional datacenter. Global IT teams see hybrid cloud deployments increasing by 37 percent over the next five years.

The survey also inquired about why companies change their IT infrastructure to switch to a more hybrid model. 58 percent of respondents stated that their primary motives for modifying their IT infrastructures are to get greater control of their IT resources. Other popular reasons including gaining the necessary flexibility to meet dynamic business goals (55 percent) and improving support for customers and remote workers (46 percent).

In the company’s blog post covering the study, Nutanix’s CIO Wendy Pfeiffer stated: “Hybrid is no longer just a technology model; it’s a business model. When we talk about returning to work and offices, or about digital transformation, we don’t imagine going back to monolithic work. All social and physical interaction will be hybrid moving forward. If we can continue instrumenting our companies to function well in a hybrid model, we as CIOs and IT teams can continue to influence successful results for our companies and industries, regardless of what the next year brings.”

View the Third Annual Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index here.

Daniel Hein