Oracle Brings Performance and Reliability of Engineered Systems to SMBs

Oracle Brings Performance and Reliability of Engineered Systems to SMBs
Today, Oracle announced two new models of its Oracle Database Appliance aimed at allowing small and mid-sized businesses to leverage the performance and reliability of Oracle’s Engineered Systems, for the first time.
Oracle enables businesses to take advantage of the Oracle Database in an easy-to-deploy and manage system that supports virtualization. Oracle offers a complete package of software, server, storage, and networking that saves enterprises time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database and application workloads. Now, these capabilities are accessible to SMB’s, with the added bonus of cloud. Organizations who are looking to transition to the cloud, can use Oracle’s new database appliances as a bridge between on-premise systems and the Oracle Cloud to back up data automatically.
“Bringing in Oracle Database Appliances definitely reduced the complexity of our environment and allowed us to support our 25X data growth over the past few years,” said Jacqueline Hufford-Jenson, Senior Manager, Database Administration, LifeLock, a fast-growing, mid-market company.  “Today, using the Oracle Database Appliance straight out of the box, we get significantly reduced latency, which has played a role in helping us grow as a company.”
The Oracle Database Appliance is designed to run single-instance databases, database consolidation of multiple databases, and high-availability designs.
Added features include:
  • Starting price of $18,000 for new, entry-level database appliance for single or small database instances;
  • Reducing time to value, customers can deploy in as little as 30 minutes;
  • NVMe Flash drives for ultimate performance and reliability;
  • Integration to Oracle Cloud, allowing businesses to backup and archive their critical data as well as migrate workloads to the cloud when ready.
“We’re excited to bring the power, simplicity and capabilities of Oracle’s Engineered Systems in at a price point that allows every organization to save time and money,” said Jim Gargan, senior vice president of Oracle Converged Infrastructure. “With the family of database appliances, Oracle offers built-in expertise for single-instance database and high-availability deployments, while providing a bridge between on-premise systems and the cloud, enabling all of our customers to capitalize on their investment.”