Robot-as-a-Service!? Meet IoT’s Cloud Computing Minion


Robot-as-a-service?! Yes, you heard right,  this brand of intelligence facilitates a seamless integration of robot and embedded devices into web and cloud computing environments. From fast food, to open-heart surgery– robots are being utilized to streamline operations for industries worldwide. Due to current developments in cloud computing, and initiatives like Internet of Things (IoT) Scientists and Engineers are developing technologies that allow robots to access communication resources, storage, and computing power.

RaaS (Robotics-as-a-Service) can be considered a category of IoT that develops and optimizes intelligent devices with a combination of large communication and physical abilities that can interact with the physical world. So, exactly how are they being used? And what’s on the horizon for these cloud bots? First, lets take a look at how RaaS technologies work.

Researchers at RaaS Online Programming Environment describe the process, which is not as crazy as you might think and offer these bullet points to describe RaaS Communication.

“RaaS follows SOA and is a cloud computing unit. A RaaS unit acts as a service provider, a service broker, and as a service client:

  1. A RaaS cloud unit is a service provider: Each unit hosts a repository of preloaded services. A developer or a client can deploy new services into or remove service from a robot. The services can be used by this robot and can also be shared with other robots.
  2. A RaaS cloud contains a set of applications deployed: A developer or client can compose a new application (functionality) based on the services available in the unit and outside the unit.
  3. A RaaS unit is a service broker: a client can look up the services and applications available in the unit’s directory. A client can search and discover the applications and services deployed on the robot by browsing the directory. The services and applications can be organized in a hierarchy of classes to facilitate the discovery.”

The difference between your average robot, if there is such a thing– specifically, the difference between this lady (below), and an IoT robot, is the difference between me on trivia night with a smartphone, and the group with moral upstanding. No offense Rosie!



Elevated RaaS units that are made for cloud communication with the applications, operating system components, and with each other… result in a kind-of scary intelligent, capacity to do.. well.. anything, and certainly much more than just spouting pop culture factoids. If you don’t believe me, check out these real life examples of IoT Robot as a Service.

Airware’s Drones-as-a-Service

Airware’s Aerial Information Platform combines hardware, software, and cloud services to help companies safely operate drones at scale, meet aviation authority compliance requirements, and integrate aerial data with business systems. The operating system for commercial drones helps enterprises take full advantage of aerial data for any application.

ABB Robotics – Connected Services

Google’s Self Driving Car:

 Service Robots