SAP & Google Cloud Announce Partnership

hpe-acquires-cloud-cruiser-for-undisclosed-amountWhile Google Cloud has been popular with startups and smaller organizations, larger enterprises have yet to jump on the tech giant’s bandwagon given that they most likely already have a technology infrastructure set up. However, Google’s Cloud services have been making steady progress and according to Silicon Angle, have been making strides forward with partners as opposed to products.

Google announced a new partnership with SAP SE during the keynote at the Google Cloud Next conference this past week.

“Companies are more willing to go to the cloud,” Sam Yen, SAP’s chief design officer and managing director of SAP Silicon Valley told Silicon Angle.

In addition to the partnership, SAP announced that its flagship products will now run on the Google Cloud platform service. Yen said SAP’s database management software, HANA, will be brought to Google’s Cloud services along with a certification for GCP. He also said that the HANA Express edition will be added to the Google Cloud Launcher. Yen told Silicon Angle that it’s taking Infrastructure as a Service to the next level.

However, the partnership is also about ecosystems and will help smaller businesses, it’s also predicted to be a catalyst for growth. When speaking to Silicon Angle, Yen called it the “on-ramp” to the enterprise for many businesses.

SAP will also use Google’s machine learning programs for enterprise systems. And Yen said Google’s reach makes them an ideal partner for his organization, plus the many companies looking to bring their products to the enterprise may now get the push they need to drive business forward.

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