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Security Still Concern for Enterprises Moving to Cloud

Iland: Four Ways to Guard Against Ransomware in Clouds

Iland: Four Ways to Guard Against Ransomware in CloudsMany in the enterprise have implemented a cloud platform in an effort to move their critical data to the safest location possible. However, the threat of being hacked remains and the Netwrix 2016 Cloud Security Survey says that security concerns are the reason some are hesitating to make the change.

According to, government agencies are taking the threat more seriously than others given that hacking into their networks to access data could mean a risk to national security. And hackers are always working to discover new ways to get to critical data, regardless of the barriers in place.

Over 600 organizations participated in Netwrix’s survey and shared their security concerns. They also looked at ways to protect their data in the cloud. The survey said that about 87 percent of government entities in the states are apprehensive about moving their vital assets to the cloud due to security concerns that center around unauthorized access and account hijacking, fear of losing control over data and issues that pertain to backup and recovery.

While cloud providers aim to secure and protect cloud environments, they haven’t been able to convince the IT community that they can offer what is necessary to keep critical information safe. Forty percent of those who took part in the survey said wouldn’t be able to enforce all of a cloud provider’s security policies.

And about 80 percent of enterprises reported having concerns about their own user activity in the cloud and said that other members of their staff with actual access to critical systems were a larger threat to data than anything else.

“According to the survey results, the key benefit that governments have realized through cloud adoption is higher availability of systems (70 percent), which is followed by flexibility in resource utilization (50 percent) and cost savings (40 percent),” reported.

The survey also pointed out that no matter what enterprises have in place to protect their data, there is always a risk. Whether it’s malicious activity or even a natural disaster, there’s always something to protect against, regardless of how tight your security it. Ninety-three percent of participants agreed that visibility into user activity in the cloud is vital. If you don’t know what is happening in your IT environment, it’s very hard to keep sensitive data under wraps.

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