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Seven in 10 Companies Moved Cloud Applications Back On-Premise

Seven in 10 Companies Moved Cloud Applications Back On-Premise

Seven in 10 Companies Moved Cloud Applications Back On-Premise

According to research recently released by Virtana, 72 percent of enterprises who moved applications to the cloud have moved at least one app back on-premise. This information comes from the State of Hybrid Cloud: February 2021 report, which surveyed 350 IT decision-makers on experience and successes with cloud deployment. The report found that as companies move applications to the cloud, they need to evaluate their strategy to ensure their cloud integration is successful.

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The report revealed that a whopping 72 percent of enterprises had to bring applications back on-premise after migrating them to the cloud. In addition, 41 percent migrated apps to the cloud that should have stayed on-premise and 36 percent reported provisioning issues with the public cloud. This indicates that many companies are too hasty in moving their apps to the cloud and not thinking about the right plan beforehand.

When asking about public cloud adoption rates, Virtana found that a staggering 95 percent of respondents have started migrating to a public cloud platform. Two-thirds of companies have only migrated 50 percent or less of their applications to the cloud, with 14 percent moving more than 75 percent over. The majority of IT leaders indicated that their cloud adoption initiatives had either accelerated or were unchanged by the 2020 economic climate.

In the company’s press release, Virtana’s President and CEO Kash Shaikh stated: “With a strong confidence in public clouds going forward, and so many organizations getting public clouds wrong the first time, it is clear that organizations need greater observability into application behaviors, interdependencies, and public cloud costs before they make a move to the cloud. We are on a mission for enterprises to ‘Know Before They Go’ with a data-driven approach that yields actionable insights. Our decade of observability and monitoring on-premises to multi-cloud environments removes the complexity of migrating to the cloud and keeps it simple once applications and workloads are moved, resulting in 20% or more cloud cost savings.”

Read the State of Hybrid Cloud: February 2021 report here.

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