SolarWinds Study Reveals DevOps Teams Are Troubleshooting Too Much

SolarWinds Study Reveals DevOps Teams Are Troubleshooting Too Much

Recently, IT solutions provider SolarWinds released the results of a survey on how technology professionals spend their time at work. The survey interviewed DevOps professionals, developers, and web product managers (WPMs) on the tasks they perform throughout the work day. The results indicated a sharp contrast between what the respondents want to be doing and what they actually work on. SolarWinds believes this to be an indication of a major problem in a DevOps system: troubleshooting is getting in the way.

SolarWinds surveyed 336 professionals across the U.S. and Canada from public and private companies of various sizes. Of the 336 surveyed, 48% responded that troubleshooting is one of the top three tasks they do most often. 53% of the DevOps professionals stated that troubleshooting was the number one task that takes up their work day. Respondents also listed troubleshooting as one of the tasks they disliked doing the most, despite how often they have to do it. Because of the time spent troubleshooting, IT professionals cannot prioritize other important jobs, like building product roadmaps or managing and deploying applications.

The survey revealed that in addition to deprioritizing important tasks, respondents aren’t able to focus on parts of the job that they enjoy doing. Both DevOps professionals and developers answered that they love managing applications but cannot fit this task into their top three daily activities. 68% of all those surveyed noted that they enjoy planning future technologies and innovations and wish they could spend more time doing it. SolarWinds noted that most professionals indicated that they would leave their jobs if the work became too repetitive or there was little room for advancement.

This illustrates the problem with constant troubleshooting for DevOps, developers, and WPMs and how DevOps culture needs to improve. SolarWinds concluded that DevOps teams need to integrate themselves into every stage of tech development to prevent silos from being built. They also called for more collaboration across every team and creating a shared index of knowledge and resources. SolarWinds’ study highlights the problems constant troubleshooting causes for DevOps culture and what IT teams can do to improve that culture for their staff.

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Daniel Hein