The Big Three and Businesses That Choose Them: IT Professionals Discuss Top Cloud Providers in New Survey


This week, Clutch released it’s latest cloud study report that took a look at the cloud platform choices of 247 IT professionals. The professionals were surveyed with questions pertaining to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure – largely regarded as the top three cloud platforms, or “Big three”.

Some key findings from the survey include, that the largest percentage of Azure users were enterprises, while the largest percentage of GCP users were small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Additionally, organizations listed ‘better selection of tools/features’ as their top reason for selecting their primary provider. ‘Stronger security’ and ‘familiarity with brand’ tied for second place.

Overall, organizations said that ‘better selection of tools/features’ is the main reason why they chose their primary provider.

Clutch Cloud Provider Survey 2017

This result can be explained by the fact that each provider has its individual strengths, and thus, a customer may go to a provider for a specific set of tools or features. Brian Dearman, Solutions Architect at Mindsight, sums it up: “Infrastructure-as-a-service will reside mainly on AWS, cloud services will be on Microsoft’s side, while Google will dominate analytics. Even though every platform offers each type of service, people will want the best.”

Dave Hickman, Vice President of Global Delivery at Menlo Technologies, believes that the providers’ strengths are more fluid, though: “If you do this survey in another 6 months, you will probably get different answers, because there’s some leapfrogging going on.”

He continued, “The answers will be more on-par three years from now, for the same survey… Google is trying to catch up [to AWS] from an infrastructure point of view, while Azure definitely is catching up.”

Other interesting elements found in the survey, include:

  • AWS ranks lowest on brand familiarity, despite being the oldest provider – it ranks at 15%, while Azure ranks at 24% and GCP at 20%. AWS was launched in 2006, while Azure and GCP didn’t launch for another four and five more years, respectively.
  • The most respondents said that they selected AWS because it was ‘cheaper,’ yet many agree that it isn’t the cheapest overall. Accounting for its plethora of features, it may be the best bang for your buck, though.

You can find the full report here: