Trend Micro: Only 55 Percent Use Third-Party Cloud Security Tools

Trend Micro: Only 55 Percent Use Third-Party Cloud Security Tools

According to research released by Trend Micro, only 55 percent of companies are using third-party tools to secure their cloud environments. This information comes from a recent survey conducted by Sapio Research and sponsored by Trend Micro. The survey interviewed over 2,500 IT decision-makers in 28 countries across the globe (with a focus on those in larger enterprises) on how they are securing their cloud environments and workloads.

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Trend Micro found that while cloud migration rates are trending upwards, companies aren’t increasing their cloud security spending to accommodate for it. The survey discovered that 88 percent of organizations are accelerating their digital transformation efforts. In addition, 92 percent are confident that they understand their cloud security responsibility, and 97 percent believe their cloud service provider offers satisfactory data protection.

However, the survey also found that there could be significant gaps in cloud security at these organizations. Only 55 percent of those surveyed indicated that they used third-party cloud security tools. This indicates that cloud users are putting too much trust into the native security tools offered by cloud providers, which means that businesses could be missing unbiased third-party data about their cloud security.

In the company’s press release on the research, Trend Micro’s Vice President of Cloud Research Mark Nunnikhoven stated: “It’s a very positive sign that a majority of organizations around the world are embracing digital transformation and adopting the cloud. But the survey findings also highlight the challenges remaining with understanding security in the cloud. Cloud adoption is not a ‘set it and forget it’ process, but takes ongoing management and strategic configuration to make the best security decisions for your business.”

Learn more about the Trend Micro research here.

Daniel Hein