Volterra: 86 Percent Are Leveraging Cloud-Native Apps

Volterra: 86 Percent Are Leveraging Cloud-Native Apps

According to research recently released by Volterra, 86 percent of organizations are leveraging cloud-native apps. This information comes from the Rise of Cloud-Native Apps report, which surveyed over 300 IT decision-makers across the United States on their cloud infrastructures. The report found that companies are using Kubernetes and microservices to create highly-distributed cloud-native environments.

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Volterra’s research found that the overwhelming majority of organizations have either started to use cloud-native apps or are already actively using them. 86 percent of respondents answered that their organization is already using cloud-native applications. As Volterra noted, Kubernetes and microservices help businesses create and deploy successful cloud-native environments and infrastructures.

Respondents were also polled on how large their Kubernetes management teams are. The majority of those surveyed responded that their Kubernetes teams have 11 to 20 members (38 percent), four to 10 members (28 percent), and 21 to 50 members (21 percent). The cloud-native environments are very fast-paced, as 61 percent of those surveyed delivered more than 5 new services per year.

In the company’s press release on the report, Volterra’s CMO Mark Weiner stated: “‘Cloud-native’ is no longer just a bold new idea for most organizations, it’s a reality. Enterprises have increasingly adopted cloud-native apps over the past couple of years to achieve faster development cycles, greater scalability, and less vendor lock-in. But their DevOps and NetOps teams are facing some serious security and networking hurdles they just didn’t anticipate. […] As a result, organizations are really struggling to get the agility and scalability they expected from their cloud-native environment and investment.”

View the Rise of Cloud-Native Apps report here.

Daniel Hein