Which Open Source Organization Had the Most Contributors in 2016?

Which Open Source Organization Had the Most Contributors in 2016?

GitHub, which grew by more than 5.2 million users and 303K organizations this year, has published The state of the Octoverse 2016, a very cool report that offers an insight into how its 14 million users leveraged the hugely popular repository this year. From the report:

“From the code that sent Apollo 11 to the moon, to an open source curriculum that helps nonprofits—you shared and built lots of amazing things over the past year. Here are the most starred open source repositories on GitHub, showing which repos users starred in common.”

One of the core benefits of open-source projects is how anyone can contribute to the code or documentation. Among them is a list of organizations with the most open source contributors, most popular coding languages, most used emoji reactions, new user interactions and much more.

GitHub released new stats today about which companies have the most people contributing code to their open source projects, Microsoft comes in at #1, with 16,419 contributors, Facebook at close second, with 15,682.

Here’s the chart:


Another component of the report, is a run down of the repositories with the most open source contributors.


If you’re interested in contributing to the open source community, a great way to get involved is to contribute to the existing projects you’re using. GitHub is home to more than 5 million open source projects. There are projects for every skill set like recipes, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Astrophysics and many more. Check out this guide by GitHub that covers what you might find in a typical project and how to make a great contribution.