Xangati: Cloud Service Assurance Analytics and Performance Control Extends to AWS, Azure, Docker

Xangati Offers New Data-Source Compute Extensions to Analytics and Performance Control Platform AWS

If you’re unfamiliar with Xangati, get ready to hear more about the Silicon Valley based, next-generation data center service. Xangati hold and extensive portfolio of products, that which include an assurance analytics and performance control platform, made to optimize application delivery, efficiency and costs with minimal involvement from administrators. Xangati also creates tools that allow system administrators to tie cloud performance management to business outcomes with enterprise KPIs, IT agility and productivity, and infrastructure ROI. Xangati is now making headlines with the announcement of their new platform extensions.

Xangati’s press release announced April 13th, three new data-source compute extensions to its service assurance analytics and performance control platform.  With this, Xangati introduced the only live, cross-silo intelligence and IT efficiency solution engineered for hybrid-cloud infrastructures. The new platform offers support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Docker.

The Xangati ESP Extension is a virtual appliance software tasked to correlate real-time data across on-premise visualization, containers, and public clouds to enable ‘self-healing optimization’. In less technical terms, these innovative capabilities helps cloud administrators avoid the “blame game”, and shift from chasing their tails, to more important workload focus within an organization.

Xangati explains why it’s virtual appliance software is a next generation necessity for businesses with hybrid cloud infrastructures, in that, traditional infrastructure monitoring solutions are generally ‘silo specific, and application unaware’. The risks inherent in this structure put data centers in jeopardy:

“Hybrid-cloud infrastructures are designed to accommodate multiple applications, a shared or converged physical layer, and a software-defined layer, all of which expose the data center to higher risk of unpredictable performance problems and resource inefficiency challenges,” explains Atchison Frazer, Xangati CMO.

Gartner analysts, Pankaj Prasad, and Vivek Bhalla, assert that products like Xangati’s new analytics and performance control platform are a necessary intervention for server, network and database workloads:

“IT operations teams will need to move away from siloed operations for better synergies across various teams to take full advantage of ITOA tools. This is also necessitated by the fact that workloads are taking centre stage over the siloed domains of IT, and IT operations teams have to work together to ensure these workloads are not impacted, while also improving the mean time to restore services in case of any outage.”

Learn more about Xangati’s new platform extension by visiting www.Xangati.com.