Zoolz Releases New Intelligent Cloud Backup That Structures Unstructured Data

Zoolz Releases New Intelligent Cloud Backup That Structures Unstructured Data


Zoolz, a cloud storage solution provider recently announced the launch of Zoolz Intelligent Cloud, a new backup service designed to help businesses structure their unstructured data. One of the biggest problems that businesses face as they migrate to cloud storage is figuring out to do with all of that random data. Muayyad Shehadeh, CEO of Zoolz, explained how the new product eases the frustration of cloud migration.

“One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is the growing amount of scattered data. Sorting through Terabytes or Petabytes of data is often laborious and costly. This growing pain has now been solved by Zoolz, who have engineered a platform that can not only organize data, but protect it with military-grade encryption, ensuring zero data loss.”

The solution was created by ZoolZ to store documents, photos or media files much like your average cloud storage solution, yet with a heightened awareness of content, this product is able to locate, analyze and structure files quickly and easily. Zoolz Intelligent Cloud offers new features including:

Search By Content – eDiscovery engine, allows businesses to search by content to retrieve any file. Simply enter a keyword or phrase and voila! The technology will provide all the relevant results.

Stream On-Demand – Broadcasters and videographers can stream any video or audio file without any interruptions. Once a HD video is uploaded, it’s made available for instant streaming.

Find Images With Intelligent Filters – Search by resolution, camera type, location, date and size. Users also have the choice to search for images by dominant color.

Convert Scanned PDFs – Optical Character Recognition software converts any scanned document or image into searchable data, making it even easier to access scanned files.

Share Files Safely – Files are protected with military-grade encryption, Zoolz also operates with a ‘zero-knowledge’ approach, meaning they never see your data.

We want to offer customers a platform they’ve never experienced before. Zoolz Intelligent pushes the boundaries of cloud storage. The platform not only handles data, including files, media files and scanned documents, but it also structures it with intelligence. This makes data assets very easy and quick to find,” Shehadeh added in this week’s press release.

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