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2020 KMWorld 100: 7 Content Services Vendors that Matter Most

2020 KMWorld 100 7 Content Services Vendors that Matter Most
2020 KMWorld 100 7 Content Services Vendors that Matter Most

Source: KMWorld

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of content services vendors that matter most from the recently published 2020 KMWorld 100 listing.

Knowledge management information provider, publisher, and conference organizer KMWorld recently unveiled its 2020 KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. The 2020 KMWorld 100 outlines the top knowledge management solution and services providers and is assembled via input from editors, analysts, experts, and product end-users. Inclusion criteria is based on functionality, creativity, product innovation, and a history of demonstrated success with clients.

At Solutions Review, we track the solution providers that have the biggest impact on the mid-market and enterprise. As such, we’ve perused the complete 2020 KMWorld 100 report, available here, and segmented the vendors and tools that matter most in content services.

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DocStar users are able to get control over documents, improve retention and increase efficiency through the provider’s platform. The vendor also serves organizations of any size, making their appeal widespread. DocStar offers enterprise content management solutions, document management system software, and accounts payable automation solutions. The provider’s ECM platform, DocStar ECM, can be installed on the user’s hardware or on DocStar’s hosted service.


DocuWare’s content services platform (CSP) offerings include DocuWare for document capture and management, DocuWare Workflow for business processing, and DocuWare Intelligent Indexing for metadata management and content indexing. The Germany-based company also provides both on-prem and cloud ECM solutions. DocuWare’s platform distinguishes itself from other solutions by offering disaster recovery capabilities as an optional add-on for users.


Everteam offers microservice architecture that includes a modernized application layer for building apps. The provider’s ECM platform helps organizations maximize the value of their enterprise information, for improved decision making and business impact. With Everteam’s platform, users can integrate digital and paper content sources as part of a cohesive content strategy, providing the tools required to identify, search and retrieve information, regardless of source, format or location.

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Hyland is the developer of an ECM and process management software suite called OnBase. The vendor’s OnBase software is a good choice for enterprise users looking to combine traditional content management capabilities with end-to-end content processing apps. Hyland also offers easy API-based integrations and high-quality third-party integrations. OnBase is built on a single end-to-end architecture, available to users on-prem or in the cloud.


M-Files provides users with a metadata-driven system for organizing and managing documents and other information. This platform is a good fit for those invested in a Microsoft infrastructure.  M-Files is also notable in that it allows users to edit objects in offline mode. Organizations can use M-Files’ platform on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments to improve productivity and quality, as well as comply with industry regulations and standards.


Nuxeo offers a content management platform that allows organizations to manage content while putting it to work. The vendor’s platform is an open-source, subscription-based CSP available on the ground, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of both. It offers digital asset management and a comprehensive API. Nuxeo is ideal for organizations that want to develop custom content services and applications. This platform allows clients to tailor it to fit their specific needs and is easy to deploy.


OpenText’s comprehensive ECM solution was designed to help organizations complete a digital transformation. The vendor aims to help clients gain the business-critical insight needed to manage information on the ground or in the cloud. The provider also has an extensive partner network and its products are easy to integrate with other applications. The platform ensures information governance to address a complex and changing regulatory landscape and the rapid growth of business information.

Read the complete 2020 KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management list.

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