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Epicor Releases DocStar ECM Sales Order Automation

Epicor Releases DocStar ECM Sales Order Automation

Epicor Releases DocStar ECM Sales Order AutomationIndustry-specific enterprise software provider, Epicor Software Corporation, recently announced that DocStar ECM Sales Order Automation is now available. DocSar ECM Sales Order Automation assists organizations with reducing the high cost and complexity associated with manual sales-order entry by improving accuracy while streamlining fulfillment process orders and operational visibility to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Additionally,  the solution ensures that accurate data is automatically captured and entered, thereby supporting a consistent best-practice process with ideal transaction efficiency all the way through order fulfillment. DocStar accepts, reviews, and initiates customer orders by verifying purchase orders, quotes, and parts availability for improved organizational responsiveness.

In a press statement, vice president and general manager of DocStar, Tom Franceski said, “as the speed of business increases, sales-order entry – the gateway to the fulfillment process – can become a bottleneck that prevents businesses from growing. With DocStar ECM Sales Order Automation, organizations can do more with fewer resources, gaining better visibility via real-time access into key data, while improving productivity and reducing costs. DocStar ECM Sales Order Automation extends the value of the DocStar Platform across the enterprise.”

Key features of the solution include:

  • Intelligent Data Capture, which accurately captures data from a range of file types, including fax, paper, email, PDF, and JPG and reduces manual data entry.
  • Automated intelligent rules-based workflows that adhere to defined rules, flagging items that don’t follow set parameters, and routing orders to those that can resolve the problems.
  • Accelerated business processes through improved workflow for order handling, validation, and issue resolution.
  • Audit trails and reporting capabilities that offer insights to help organizations identify and eliminate issues.

DocStar ECM Sales Order Automation is part of DocStar ECM, a browser-based enterprise content management and process-automation platform enabling digital transformation. With DocStar, businesses can better leverage their supply chain and operational areas such as finance and human resources, resulting in revenue growth through improved operational efficiency.

To read DocStar’s full press release, click here.

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