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Epicor’s DocStar ECM Mobile App is Available Now

Epicor's DocStar ECM Mobile App is Available Now

Epicor's DocStar ECM Mobile App is Available NowEnterprise software provider, Epicor Software Corporation, has announced that its free DocStar ECM Mobile application is available on Google Play and the App Store, now. The app works with DocStar’s enterprise content management (ECM) and process automation platform in order to improve functionality through mobility. Through the use of this app, employees have the ability to be more responsive and productive, as they will be connected to business processes, content, and fellow employees at any time and place.

Additionally, the app provides secure access to the DocStar ECM repository. This allows users to receive workflow approval from their mobile devices in a timely manner. Users can also email files as they would on the DocStar ECM desktop version, in which document access is granted securely through a unique URL or an encrypted attachment with password protection.

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Vice president and general manager of DocStar, Tom Franceski stated, “we are empowering our users to scale, modernize, and transform business operations with the cloud and mobility. The DocStar ECM Mobile App delivers flexibility with real-time mobile access.”

The DocStar ECM Mobile App also offers a user experience designed to streamline employee tasks. Time-stamped audit trails are also provided as a means to support compliance and corporate governance requirements.

As cited from CMS-Connected’s The ECM Market: What Happened in 2017 & What’s Next in 2018, “with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 which marked the mobile revolution, users’ expectations of the web and digital experiences have entirely changed. Since then, usability has always been the functionality that no vendor would want to compromise on. It won’t change in 2018 either. In fact, a focus on usability will become even more important considering 75 percent of the workforce will be millennials by 2020, and this new generation is not known for their high tolerance of cumbersome and lacking features, as they are used to working with fast technology solutions.”

To read Epicor’s full press release, click here.

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