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How Do You Know If Your ECM System is Healthy?

How Do You Know If Your ECM System is Healthy

How Do You Know If Your ECM System is HealthyWhen dealing with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, it’s difficult to identify any obvious tell-tale signs that something isn’t working correctly. Instead, you’ll need to keep an eye out and educate yourself on potential problems and their symptoms. Consider using these tests below to determine whether your ECM system is healthy, or needs a checkup.

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Is It Keeping Up to Speed?

If your ECM system is struggling to keep up with client feedback, tickets, and documents, your system simply isn’t performing its designated function. On the other side of the problem, if your system is hardly handling any documents, you should check to make sure that employees are actually using the system. To be frank, there isn’t much use in keeping an ECM system on life support. Your end-goal should be to maintain a consistent and positive user interaction with the system. If the system isn’t delivering, it may be time to look into other solution options.

How Often Are You Upgrading?

Do you change your ECM system frequently? How often do you upgrade your system? If you’re not upgrading your system on schedule or are complete passing on certain upgrades, your system won’t be performing to the best of its ability. By failing to upgrade your system regularly, you’re venturing into some risky territory with an increased likelihood of malfunctions. If you’re unable to predict a month or quarter’s work and are frequently spending time deploying and testing changes, your system may be running too quickly.

How is it Performing?

In terms of performance, the importance of finding a happy medium cannot be overstated. Very little is consistent in a company, including servers, databases, storage, and networks. System sizing and growth predictions are usually best-guess scenarios, lacking any real calculation. Monitoring all aspects of throughput and performance is one answer to this issue, but you should be aware that this could be unnecessarily intensive work to find a few small issues in the system.

What can you do to avoid malfunctions?

  1. You should always remember to verify your backups. Any enterprise ECM system and database backups need to be verified on a regular basis in order to ensure that they’re not corrupted.
  2. Running daily or weekly backups will ultimately secure your website and its data. It is highly recommended for e-commerce organizations. Keep in mind that most hosting providers won’t offer daily backups and are only provided with an additional charge attached.
  3. Remember to frequently update your content management system. The three most popular software programs offer updates and patches on a regular basis. Applying these updates to your ECM solution will make sure that all of the components are up to date and reduce the risk of websites being compromised.

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