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Kentico Announces Kentico 10

Kentico Announces Kentico 10

Kentico Announces Kentico 10Kentico Software, a web content management and digital experience platform provider, has released the 10th version of its flagship WCM platform. The update includes multiple functional improvements to improve speed and usability — features executives at the Brno, Czech Republic-based provider said better positions the platform for enterprise clients.

Kentico CEO Petr Palas said Kentico 10’s performance and scalability — not to mention the company’s first inclusion into the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM — will generate interest from global Fortune 500 companies. “We have been anticipating that day and have been working hard to make our products and our business enterprise ready,” he said.

Kentico 10 includes improvements such as better ways to gain insights into customers across multiple web properties.

“We see ourselves as being a very different kind of WCM vendor,” Karol Jarkovsky, Kentico’s director of product, said. “Our view is that it’s not about how many features you can cram into a product, but rather understanding how digital marketers work and building a platform that’s easy for them to use and enables them to get jobs done faster.”

The release of Kentico 10 comes just weeks after Kentico unveiled the Kentico Cloud, an API-first, multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. Kentico Cloud is composed of three parts: Kentico Draft for authoring, Kentico Deliver for content delivery via an API and Kentico Engage for marketing and experience optimization. As for Kentico 10, officials said digital marketers will benefit from more agile campaign management through a single unified control panel to execute and analyze digital marketing campaigns.

Other highlights include:

  • Responsive images management: users can upload images once and the system automatically adjusts them for various media
  • Context: users can gain insights into activities of their customer base across multiple web properties. According to Kentico officials, this enables cross-site lead scoring and contextual marketing projects. A complete view of visitor interactions across all brands is now supported.
  • Campaign Journey: allows marketers to track interactions of visitors with the brand during the sequence of steps in the journey. Marketers can change attributes of the running campaign without concluding the campaign or losing any of the data already collected.
  • Email marketing: Kentico 10 continues to leverage the company’s strategic relationship with Microsoft and offers advanced Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities through the Power BI Email Marketing dashboard
  • Performance: Kentico officials promised a 40 percent faster page load and response time of the Kentico environment

Kentico is widely known as a WCM for small-to-medium sized businesses. However, officials say they can take on larger enterprises with more frequency now, thanks to improved scalability.

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