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Microsoft Makes Adlib Software Charter Member of Content Services Partner Program

Microsoft Makes Adlib Software Charter Member of Content Services Partner Program

Microsoft Makes Adlib Software Charter Member of Content Services Partner ProgramFile analytics and data enrichment solution provider, Adlib Software, recently announced that it has been named a charter member in the new Microsoft Content Services Partner Program. The vendor has been a long standing Gold Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network, which played a factor in Microsoft selecting Adlib Software for its Capture and Migration content services segments.

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Microsoft and Adlib aim to serve customer needs ranging from simplified compliance scenarios, to document-centric process automation, to data-driven business decisions. Through the partnership with Adlib, Microsoft users will have the ability to access, clean, extract, and enhance data from unstructured documents, and then transform it into actionable business intelligence.

In a press statement, Director of Technical Business Development at Adlib Software, Rob Schaafsma said, “we are very excited to team up with Microsoft. Our partnership showcases our commitment to help customers create an end-to-end digital strategy where unstructured data is transformed into high-quality structured data that fuels business intelligence and process automation.”

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market, which is traditionally focused on using technology to manage business data, has been transitioning toward Content Services as a means to both manage content as well as leverage data-driven business intelligence in order to accelerate and improve business operations.

Chris McNulty, the Senior Product Manager of SharePoint and OneDrive at Microsoft, added, “Adlib and Microsoft have already found synergies together through the Content Services Partner Program in responding to a key customer need in the insurance industry, and we hope that the complementary solutions we bring to market will benefit our mutual customers.”

Adlib Software has been in the content management field for over 15 years. By integrating with various business applications, the provider enables digital preparation of documents for enhanced migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, capture, and classification.

To read Adlib Software’s full press release, click here.

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