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Nuxeo Platform Now Supports MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Database as Storage Backend

Nuxeo Platform Now Supports MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Database as Storage Backend

Nuxeo Platform Now Supports MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Database as Storage Backend
These modern data-driven times require that enterprises face new challenges: To address the changes that are throwing a stick in the spokes of Enterprise Content Management today. Vendor, Nuxeo tackles a changing landscape by addressing several transformations in the space, including the management of complex objects rather than flat metadata sets, by giving users that capability to harness a variety of content types and delivery channels, and by providing users the technology to manage the sheer volume of today’s growing data.

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Recently, Nuxeo teamed up with MarkLogic Corporation, a leading operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database provider, and announced that Nuxeo Platform will now support the MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Database as a storage backend. Nuxeo’s NoSQL persistence engine now offers native integration with MarkLogic to develop, test and deploy mission-critical content-centric applications that are vital to enterprise business processes.


“We truly believe in new generation backends like the MarkLogic database,” says Eric Barroca, CEO Nuxeo. “MarkLogic provides advanced capabilities and performance to our customers. MarkLogic is optimized for structured, and unstructured data and our customers need to be able to manage rich content with very high volume of content.”

The Nuxeo Platform with MarkLogic for Enterprise NoSQL storage allows enterprises with massive content the ability to leverage new capabilities, such as NoSQL with ACID transactions, clustering, HA, and replication. Additionally, the MarkLogic database provides users scalability, and maliability needed to store and manage, structured and unstructured data.

“Nuxeo and MarkLogic understand the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the content, so the integration of our technologies will benefit our customers immensely. Our expertise in integrating large amounts, and diverse types, of data, is complementary to Nuxeo’s data and digital asset management strengths,” said David Ponzini, senior vice president, Corporate Development and Marketing, MarkLogic Corporation. “Combining Nuxeo’s top content management platform with the MarkLogic database gives customers the agility they need to leverage all of their data and build rich content management platforms on a highly scalable, available and reliable database platform.”


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