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Study From Nuxeo Shows Sensitive Content Accidentally Leaks at a Large Rate

Study From Nuxeo Shows Sensitive Content Accidentally Leaks at a Large Rate

Study From Nuxeo Shows Sensitive Content Accidentally Leaks at a Large RateIn a recent survey conducted by cloud-native Content Services Platform (CSP) provider, Nuxeo, two thirds (67 percent) of respondents stated that sensitive content is accidentally externally leaked at least once per quarter. Conversely, one in five respondents (20 percent) said that content leaks externally by accident at least once a month.

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The survey of 1,000 sales, marketing, and creative professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom also showed that 74 percent of respondents have recreated content they know exists, but cannot find.

A lack of the proper tools to handle company content was a clear theme that emerged from the study. Over half of the respondents (56 percent) admitted to using tools or systems not provided by their organization to store and share content, which is a concept known as shadow IT.

Baby Boomers and Generation-X (61 percent) make use of rogue tools for storing and sharing company content more often than Millenials (49 percent). In addition to this, 34 percent of respondents said that they use rogue tools because they find official systems too difficult to use, while 30 percent say they do so because they cannot find the content they need when using official systems and tools.

In a press statement,  chief product and marketing officer at Nuxeo, Chris McLaughlin said, “this survey reinforces what we hear from companies before they become our customers, which is that many enterprises do not have the right systems in place for properly securing their sensitive content and data. Any enterprise that is inadvertently leaking sensitive data and content several times a year is at serious operational and legal risk. Modern enterprises require modern platforms to properly secure their data and content, while also ensuring other authorized users can easily find it – so they don’t have to re-create it.”

For more results from the survey, click here.

To read Nuxeo’s full press release, click here.

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