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Salesforce Introduce New Innovations and Low-Code Tools to its Platform

Salesforce Platform Innovations
Salesforce Platform Innovations

Source: Salesforce

Salesforce recently announced the “next generation” of features coming to the Salesforce Platform. The update was announced at Salesforce’s TrailheaDX event and introduced the low-code development tools and features coming to the platform throughout 2021 and into 2022. The new Salesforce Platform Innovations detailed include interactive app development tools, automation capabilities, DevOps, AI-driven data protection, elastic computing, and identity management. 

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Salesforce is a global provider of CRM solutions for financial services, retail, healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, automotive, transportation, education, and other industries. The company’s services include customer relationship management, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, application development, and other tools to create a 360° view of customers.

The new Salesforce Platform Innovations are designed to help anyone within a company—business users, designers, developers, admins, and beyond—build apps with low-code tools and create workflows that can automate tasks. Other services revealed include a command-line interface (CLI) to streamline development; Einstein Data Detect, which will help companies automate data compliance; DevOps Center, which is in pilot and expected to launch in 2022; Customer Identity Plus, which enables developers to consolidate customer accounts; and new Salesforce Functions for deploying code in serverless environments.

Some of these features are available to Salesforce customers now. Meanwhile, features like Einstein Data Detect, Customer Identity Plus, Dynamic Interactions, Salesforce Functions, and CLI Unification will launch later in 2021 and into 2022.

Patrick Stokes, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Platform at Salesforce, says, “The future of app development is low-code, where anyone can participate to solve any business problem. The trusted, powerful Salesforce Platform makes it easier and faster for everyone to build apps and get back to growth.”

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