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The Top Training Courses for Marketers to Consider Training Courses for Marketers to Consider Training Courses for Marketers to Consider

The editors at Solutions Review compiled the following list of top-rated training courses to help marketing teams learn how to use the platform’s CRM, marketing, and project management capabilities. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs. We may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

As a relatively newer player in the CRM and marketing space, has experienced rapid growth and quickly broken into the mainstream. The cloud-based, scalable, and flexible project management software provider equips its users with tools for creating tailored sales pipelines, workflows, and processes that drive growth. And with its integrated sales and marketing CRM, marketers can take advantage of features for sales pipeline management, workflow automation, customer tracking, data management, custom automations, pipeline management, custom dashboards, and a collection of integrations.

With that in mind, our editors collected a list to spotlight some of the best training courses available on learning platforms. Marketers of all experience levels can take these courses to improve their expertise in the platform and ensure that they utilize the many marketing and project management features. The list is not static and may change as new courses and insights enter the marketplace.

The Top Training Courses

Course Title: Getting Started in

OUR TAKE: If you’re new to, this introductory course can help you get acquainted with the dashboards, automation, and other management functionalities the platform offers.

Provider: Michael Management

Description: This course is offered by Michael Management, a top-rated online learning provider for individuals and corporate teams, and acts as a beginner’s introduction to’s capabilities. Users that enroll in the three-hour instructor-led training course will learn how to set up an account, navigate the platform’s UI, create boards, get team members integrated into the software, develop dashboards, and add automations.


Course Title: A Users Guide to

OUR TAKE: This training course is well-suited for new and active users alike, as it will help you learn about the platform’s lesser-known features and equip you with all the best practices you need.

Provider: Skillshare

Description: With almost two hours of in-depth video walkthroughs and demonstrations, this training course will help users of all experience levels to use the platform in the best possible way. Topics and features covered include creating an account, making boards, linking data to boards, using groups, managing columns, updating team members with automated emails, managing members, tracking subscribers, adding substacks, and more. Users don’t even need a account to take the course because instructor Ashley Bell can help provide a 14-day free trial.


Course Title: Monday for Beginners – An Introductory Course to Monday

OUR TAKE: With nearly three hours of material across thirty-six videos, this comprehensive introduction to will help you and your team learn how to use the platform’s collection of marketing, CRM, and project management functionalities.

Provider: Udemy

Description: In this introductory course, users will learn how to create boards, automations, and dashboards and see firsthand how those tools can work together as an end-to-end Work OS. The training videos offer easy-to-understand summaries of many of’s features. Upon completion, learners will know how to set up an account, create and manage boards, develop columns, utilize board templates, add data to connecting boards across projects, filter data, present dashboards, add automations to boards, and more. Users don’t need to have a account to engage with the course, making it an ideal program for businesses to learn more about the platform before signing up.


Course Title: Monday – Project Management – Intermediate to Advanced

OUR TAKE: Learn all about’s capabilities with the hands-on, contextual examples and video presentations in this training course. You’ll learn about the platform’s tools and use them to improve your project management skills.

Provider: Udemy

Description: Designed for marketers and project managers who are actively using, this three-hour course covers higher-level concepts and tools like agile project management, collaborative whiteboards, project approval boards, budget management, app development, file management, intake processes, and additional tips and tricks to improve productivity with the platform. The course has been taken by over 1,00 students and currently has a 4.4-star rating on Udemy, making it one of the most popular training courses available.


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